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Rejuvenate & Disrupt

A never-done-before bumpsale bundle to recalibrate and develop your DEI efforts AND help me get a seat at the table

You value diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging. You want to create inclusive environments and be the kind of person who:

  • Is aware of different people’s needs. 

  • People trust and want to work with or for

  • Can hold space for a diverse group of people when they do walk through that door.

With each purchase, the bundle increases by $25

But if we’re being honest, it’s been a hot minute since you made your personal DEI development a priority, and you could use some fresh tools to help you check in, brush up on the basics, and recalibrate.

Maybe you’ve been focusing on: 

  • Following diverse creators and educators

  • Engaging with social media content about DEI

  • Getting more diversity in your containers or workplace

  • Demonstrating that you care about DEI in your marketing so people feel safe


But the reality is, just like any other area of your business or work - to be effective you MUST be regularly checking in with yourself, taking a look at what you can shift, brushing back up on the basics or deepening your understanding, and recalibrating!

Because after all is said and done in order to make an impact, we need to continue to be in a cycle for learning, putting into action, assessing, iterating and learning all over again. 

Here's your invitation to do just that:

The Rejuvenate & Disrupt Bundle is an opportunity to make Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging a priority in these last few months of the year. 

Here's an overview of what's included:

  • Creating Safer, Brave Spaces Self Paced Mini Course with two (2) Live Q & A Group Sessions with Abbiola (Valued at US$1,500.)

  • 45 Minute private "Pick My Brain" Session with Abbiola (Valued at US$750)

  • Members only workshop hosted by me inside Fruition Growth Network in the month of October, plus all other TEND members' benefits for 30 days (Valued at US$35)

  • Preferred pricing on the Disruptor’s Leadership Academy workshop happening in November (25% off the standard rate - Valued at US$75)

With each purchase, the bundle increases by $25

Bundle Value: US$2,360

With each purchase, the bundle increases by $25

Why now? Why Bumpsale? And why such a LOW investment?

If you’re reading this wondering why I would offer this at such a low rate, or questioning if this could really be so valuable, considering the price, let me level with you:

Abbiola Ballah (she/her)
Equity & Inclusion Consultant, Coach & Speaker
Founder of Phern Education Studios LLC

I’m currently facing an opportunity to bring my DEI consulting and education to bigger organizations on a bigger scale. And doing that requires me to make an investment to get myself in the room.

This is a room that can seem out of reach for those of us who hold several marginalized identities. So, I enter into this knowing that being in this space means that I can now reach out and bring others in with me who it might also find it just out reach!


As a cofounder of the Disruptor’s Leadership Academy — I am leaning into the practices that we believe in — disrupting the way that I market and what I sell. 

There is a specific purpose behind why I am selling this bundle, why I am motivating you to join me right now, why I’m using bumpsale, and the benefit is twofold: 

  • You get a boost so you can continue to create impact in your DEI practice

  • I get the financial boost I need to get myself into a room that would otherwise be out of reach, and get to bring DEI into that space

Not to mention, I get to connect with those of you who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to invest in this work, and do what I love.

So let’s disrupt, develop and evolve together!

Trusted by:

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Hear from some of my clients

Abbiola has the miraculous ability to make you feel completely safe while inviting you to commit to action. This resulted in a truly transformative journey that has deepened my understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion and empowered me to drive positive change through the work I do. I can not recommend her enough!


Abbiola is a professional, well-rounded and articulate facilitator who is amazing at what she does. I’ve had the opportunity to attend a couple of her inclusion workshops and she has been a speaker/contributor multiple times inside my online membership community and virtual stage - many of those members and conference attendees shared positive feedback and requested that Abbiola conduct more workshops.

She has a way of making all people (no matter the demographics or background) feel comfortable and empowered. Her coaching style is unique and she is also approachable.


With each purchase, the bundle increases by $25

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Abbiola as my Equity and Inclusion coach, which I keep telling others is the single most transformative personal growth opportunity I’ve had the opportunity to take advantage of in my career.Each session is tremendously impactful, starting from day one when Abbiola came prepared with items to dig into based on a pre-coaching assessment I completed.

Abbiola’s warmth and care is paired with her candor and ability to ask direct and thought provoking questions, which give me the space to honestly process and discover areas of growth that I wasn’t even aware of prior to our conversations. Abbiola helps keep me accountable to my commitments to growth and is there for support and to offer encouragement (even in between sessions!) I feel so lucky to be working with her!


Creating Safer, Brave Spaces Self Paced Mini Course

With social injustice after social injustice filling the media cycle day after day, it is even more necessary for us to shift away from the idea of safe spaces (which cannot be guaranteed) to safer, brave spaces. (You can read my article on safer, brave spaces here.)

This course will guide you through three short modules of interactive activities to help you determine what tangible actions you should be taking to create safer, brave spaces for your workplace, events, meetings, classes, conferences, and even personal community. 

There will be two (2) live group Q&A sessions (October / November 2023 & February 2024 - exact dates TBD) for you to get feedback and ask any questions that might come up as you navigate the course. Questions can be submitted beforehand and they will be recorded in case you cannot attend live.

Access to the course begins in mid-September. 


Here are all of details of what's included:

With each purchase, the bundle increases by $25

Pick My Brain Session

This is a coaching / consulting session where you can ask Abbiola any questions related to DEI in your workplace, organization, community, event or personal life. 

You will receive the link to schedule your session once purchase has been made. Sessions can be scheduled between September 2023 - February

Fruition Growth Network Members Only Workshop & 30 Day Access

Fruition Growth Network is a community space for people who work for themselves for the freedom, flexibility, and purpose. I am an expert contributor on this platform and have partnered with them to provide you with 30 days free access to a TEND membership in Fruition beginning when the platform launches in October. Your membership will include:

  • Monthly live community events (think networking, masterminds, etc)

  • Monthly expert contributor workshops (October’s is led by me)

  • Bi-Weekly co-working

  • Listing in the fruition growth network directory where people can find your work off of social media

  • Ask your business related questions and have them answered by an expert contributor 

  • Classes (networking prep class, pitch class, mindset foundations course, workshop replays)

  • Full video interviews with expert contributors answering member questions

Preferred Pricing for Disruptor's Leadership Academy Workshop

Disruptor's Leadership Academy will be holding a special 2-hour workshop to help you create or recalibrate your practice of disrupting oppressive systems and self care.

You will receive a code for 25% off the Standard Rate of the workshop.

Workshop will be hel
d live online on November 3rd at 1pmET and will be captioned and recorded. 


Here's how it all works:

Once you purchase at your Bumpsale price, you will receive an email within 48 hours with the following: 

  • Link to schedule your private "Pick My Session"

  • More details on launch dates and how to access the course and workshops

Note: I will be sending these emails manually and will try to get the details to you asap! If for some reason, you do not see an email from me in your inbox or spam within 48 hours, contact me at

Refund and Cancellation Policy: All sales are final. As this is a virtual offering, no refunds are available. If you would like to gift this bundle to another person, you can contact me directly via the email above to share that person's contact information. 

With each purchase, the bundle increases by $25

Other Ways to Support

If what I am offering in this bundle is not for you but you would still like to support because the work I do has impacted you in some way, you can make a donation via Cashapp or PayPal.

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