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Values Alignment In Practice

Create, articulate & put into practice your business values through an equity and inclusion lens

You know what you believe in and what you want your business to stand for. 

However, this mostly lives in your mind, comes up off and on in conversation or are a couple of words on your website.  

What if instead of a vague idea, you had an explicit set of values that you could share with your potential & current clients, collaborators, team, etc. as well as use to guide you in taking inclusive action?

Tell me if you can relate to any or all of these:

  • You have strong values for your business but have been going back and forth on the best way to articulate them to your people. 

  • You see DEI Statements on other organizations’ websites and most of the time they make you cringe as they seem so performative. 

  • You don’t want to be one of those people that put up a DEI statement because it’s the trendy thing to do but you do want to find a way to articulate your values with integrity. 

  • You want to not only talk the talk - meaning put the words on your website, social media, etc. - but also walk the talk - by putting your values into practice in your business - but you’re struggling with the how, why, what, where, when of it all. 

  • You don’t just want to indicate on your website that you “welcome all” and are an “inclusive business”. You know that it goes beyond that!

  • You want to create a strong, clear, commitment to a set of values that, if you truly practiced, would foster equity and inclusion throughout your business. 

"Values-alignment is core to how I lead the business owners that I work with, so doing it myself is paramount. The problem I was bumping up against as I approached this was that "DEI statements" or "inclusion statements" seemed to become the standard, but as I imagined doing that myself it felt hollow. I didn't want to create a statement indicating that I was a "safe" person. Instead, I wanted to create a strong, clear, commitment to a set of values that, if I truly practiced, would foster inclusion and equity. I asked Abbiola about her perspective on "DEI statements" and she essentially echoed the same sentiment, so I knew she was the person to help me."

- Brooke Monaghan | Business Mentor, Consultant & Podcaster

Values Alignment in Practice takes you through the process of creating & clarifying values that are intentional, specific to your business, and that you will commit to practicing. 

This is perfect for business owners & community leaders who are at the stage where you are ready to publicly state what your values are, how you are centering equity and inclusion through your values and how you are putting your values into practice.

In Values Alignment in Practice, we will:

  • Break down why it is important to you to articulate your values — for yourself, your clients, your team, your collaborators, and your business as a whole. 

  • Unpack what you want others to understand about you and your business when they interact with your values. 

  • Dig into your blindspots when it comes to equity and inclusion while clarifying how you want to infuse equity and inclusion into your values.

  • Explore what it takes to commit to practicing your values so you know what action steps you need to take to make that impact. 

  • Define ways for you to regularly assess and iterate on your values articulation as you implement and seek out feedback from those who you serve or collaborate with. 

  • Articulate your values in a format that is true to you and to your business.


Let me be your guide through this process! 

Sitting down to articulate your  values for your business can be a daunting task for sure. Doubts! Questions! "Am I doing this the right way? Am I just writing words that have no real meaning behind them? Am I doing this for the right reasons? Who is this even for and why do I need to do this now?" --- just to state a few.

I've seen DEI Statements on many organizations' (large & small) websites and the one thing most of them have in common is that I question whether or not they actually mean what they are saying and how can I trust that they are actually putting their values into action. Some of them are so similar to each other, I wonder where they got their template from! 

And I know I'm not the only one! To be in alignment with your values is what every business owner who wants to run their business with integrity wants. Sharing how you are doing this should not be met with skepticism by your clients, collaborators, team etc.  but with trust in your transparency and your honesty. 

This is what I want to help you do. Using my expertise in program design and assessment, we approach your values through an equity and inclusion lens with the intention that this articulation is not static but a living, breathing document that you will be assessing and iterating on periodically. 

I am with you every step of the way helping you to articulate this in your unique way as well as showing you where your blindspots and gaps are. 


I can't wait to support you on this journey!

See you soon,

Abbiola (she /her)

"I was immediately drawn to Abbiola for both her professionalism and personality. With years of educational skills, and equally as valuable lived experience, I trusted that Abbiola would provide both clarity and action steps.

Whether you're coming to her as a blank slate and lost or with a solid foundation and inquiry, Abbiola has the range to help people just starting out as well as those further along in their inclusive practice journey.


At times we had to discuss 'difficult' topics but Abbiola created a brave space that was full of rich dialogue, questions, and reflection.” 

- Laneen, Sublation Studio / SBLTN - Creative Strategist, Designer & Lover of Snacks

"Abbiola creates a space where it feels ok to ask any question that you have felt too big to ask.

She has evident expertise and experience in teaching and holding space in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

- Nicole Lewis-Keeber MSW LCSW 
Business Therapist/ Author/ Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator 

Kick Off Session

This is a detailed questionnaire to determine where you are in the process of articulating your values and to help you to start reframing and brainstorming before we meet to start co-creating.

Asynchronous Co-Creation

We will continue to co-create over the next three weeks to get your values articulation draft to a solid place. I will be available to give feedback once or twice a week during this time depending on your preferred cadence. 

1st Co-Creation Session

In this 2-hour call, we will work together to draft out your values and determine how you will be or have been putting those values into practice. 

2nd Co-Creation Session

Now that we have a solid draft of your values articulation that you are ready to share publicly, we will meet for another 2-hour call to determine what and how you will be assessing and iterating on your values. This will also be integrated into your values articulation document. 

Recalibration Session

After three (3) months, we will meet for a 90 min call to discuss feedback you’ve received on your values articulation and work through your first round of iterations together. 

Your Investment: 

Justice Pricing

Sustain (covers your enrollment): US$2,000.
Community (supported by your peers): US$1,700.
Support (supports your peers): US$2,300.

For more information on how to determine where you are on the social justice pricing sliding scale, click here.

How this works: 

"Walking into that consultation, I was really confused about how to put my values out there, but I walked away realizing - what I needed to do was be transparent. After working with Abbiola, this was no longer a big task that I knew I needed to tackle but didn't know how to approach - it was completely clear to me what I needed to do next.

And most importantly, there absolutely were some things in my initial statement that lacked self-awareness, and Abbiola made that clear to me!

Since our session, I decided that I would make regular sessions with Abbiola part of my inclusion commitment. It's one thing to care, but setting myself up to be held accountable is where the rubber meets the road - and she WILL do that!"

- Brooke Monaghan | Business Mentor, Consultant & Podcaster

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