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Guiding community centered organizations and nonprofits to build equitable & inclusive initiatives into their day to day operations.

We all have an innate need to belong!

Phern Education Studios was founded by Abbiola Ballah (she/her) to be a catalyst for change in the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging space.

As the leader, you have spent time building your organizations, teams, communities & events, but how do you ensure that everyone that comes into your space feels a sense of belonging and can thrive? 

At Phern Education Studios, we work with you to cut through all the overwhelm, break down all the learning that you have been doing and focus on actionable steps that you can commit to in order to create a safer, brave space that centers equity and inclusion. 


Work With Us

Disruptor's Leadership Academy

Breathe new life into breaking down dominant culture. Interrupt oppressive systems in your work(place) with real impact and your self-care on point. This space is for leaders, professionals and anyone who is committed or wants to commit to disrupting and dismantling oppresiive systems in their work and life.

Next cohort: TBD


1:1 Equity & Inclusion Coaching

This one on one coaching program is for individuals who are ready to go D.E.E.P. into how to navigate disrupting and dismantling the status quo when it comes to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion & Justice in their professional and personal lives.  Program requires a minimum of 6 months commitment. 

For Organizations

We provide customized trainings, workshops, equity & inclusion impact assessments as well as other consulting services for organizations of any size. 
Schedule a Clarity Call to discuss what working with Abbiola can look like for your organization.


Meet The Founder & CEO

"Inclusion is not a goal --- it's a journey!"
- Abbiola Ballah (she/her), Founder & CEO of Phern Education Studios LLC

International is the word that Abbiola Ballah (she/her) would use to describe herself.

Originally from Trinidad & Tobago, she's spent the past 20+ years living, studying & working in Japan, the US & Belize. An educator for 17+ years, she's held leadership roles in various educational institutions focusing on creating inclusive environments in these spaces. 

She is passionate about helping others to create communities where everyone's intersectional identities feel a sense of belonging. Abbiola is an avid reader, travel nerd, theatre buff and Japanese karaoke queen.

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